Why Use Mantic Digital

Mantic Digital rulebooks are endowed with the following abilities:

  1. Shapeshifting digital books adapt to fit your  ereader of choice. Read on mobile, read on tablet, read on desktop. The content auto-magically reflows and adapts, giving you an optimal experience on many devices.
  2. Digital table of contents – No more endless flicking through weighty PDF files. A simple tap tap of your casting finger and you will quickly get the information you require.
  3. Built in Glossary system, don’t know the meaning of a key term; tap the word and the tome will provide you with enlightenment. Or search and you will find what you are seeking
  4. Global header search – Search the entire book for key header terms and be instantly transported to that location.
  5. Living books – The latest updates, added for free to your books. End the tyranny of post-it notes and the margin scrawlers of biro.

As well as the abilities listed above, you will also be awarded the following bonuses.

  1. Legacy PDF versions of the print books. These are snapshots of the physical books from their date of publication.
  2. Living PDF versions of the digital books, periodical snapshots of the digital books with the latest updates included.
  3. Traditional ebook editions for iBooks, Kindle and more (please note:  Experiences will vary depending on the type of eReader used)





Mantic Digital is built on the Geiger framework and its API is used for all our books and apps. In the coming months we’ll be opening access to our API to other developers; there’s a lot of stats and rules and images in there so it’ll be really exciting to see what sort of content the community can create!