Uncharted Empires


The heat shimmer that ripples above the parched earth does little to mask the horrors that lie assembled before you. The cries of the carrion birds soaring above in the baking sky can be heard echoing among the rocks. The birds are opportunists. They do not choose sides. As your soldiers give their lives this day, whether it be for glory, for honour, their country or for loved ones, the birds will circle; their callous, hungry eyes seeing nothing but the food below.

You put such thoughts out of your mind. You must focus on the task ahead. No plan survives contact with the enemy and the army you face is a howling, ravening horde of death that will test you to the limit.  Today will be recorded in history but only one side will write it. Do you have the skill and courage to ensure it is you?

Go. The time is now. The birds are waiting to be fed.

Welcome to Uncharted Empires, an Army Supplement ebook for Kings of War, the massed combat tabletop fantasy game set in the magical realm of Mantica.

In this enhanced ebook, you are going to find:

  •  Nine brand new Kings of War armies giving budding generals a whole host of new options and dastardly tricks to outfox and out-fight their opponents.
  • New special rules to further enrich your playing experience.
  • Lots of new background information on all the armies and the units within them.

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Kings of War is required to use the contents of this book.

eBook Features:

  • Interactive Glossary – find rule definitions quickly
  • Global Header Search – jump between locations as easily as flipping a page
  • Living Rules – FAQs, Errata and Exclusives


  • Original Print PDF in high definition
  • EPUB and MOBI files for eReaders like Nook and Kindle


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